Use Cases - Reports for Liferay Portal with EasyView (and ORX)

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EasyView - Reports YOU do!

This page provides links to EasyView configuration examples. There are numberless cases EasyView proves what is in: ask, if you miss the one you need! 

Note: Some use cases refers to ORX, the organization chart tool. Visit ORX product page to learn more about this app. 

How to setup reports? Watch below.



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Reports for End-Users

 People (Datasource: User)

 Contacts (Datasource: Connection)

  • My contacts
    Shows a user's personal connections. Replaces Liferay's "My Contacts" portlet.
  • Other's contacts
    This report displays a specific user's contacts. It uses two instances of EasyView, one for selection - and the other one for displaying results.


 Communities (Datasource:Sites)


DDL Overview

With Dynamic Data Lists (DDL), Liferay provides a powerful feature to create ad-hoc record structures beside common entities.

Unfortunately, Liferay's DDL portlets do not provide as much functionality you need to fully  benefit of this feature without software development.

Thanks god, there's EasyView support of DDLs!

  • Select any datalist you created as datasource for EasyView
  • Select any field from data structure to include in your report.
  • At runtime: Filter, multisort and search any field.
  • At definition level: Prefilter data, configure additional field and report properties.
  • Export data.
  • Edit records directly from the report.
  • Display images, show geolocations in Google Maps, download files and more.
  • Fully localized.
EasyView also provides support for Form Data (Web Forms).

Reports for Administrators

 People (Datasource: User)

  • User Data Completeness Check 
    Check data completeness: Any gaps? All profile images uploaded? All birthdays available? Any information missing?
  • User Roles & Monitoring
    User roles, overview. Monitoring Terms Agreed, Last Login Date.
  • Birthday Lists
    Page consists of two birthday lists: one for all birthdays - the other list for all users, born in June.


 Communities (Datasource:Sites)

  • Monitoring Sites
    Site overview including tags and a link to edit site configuration.

 Categories (Datasource:AssetEntry)

Data Sources


Names, Title, Profile Page, Address Data, Phone, Skype, Twitter, Tags, Category, Comments, Image, Gender, Birthday, Roles, Custom Fields, Edit Link and more


Names, Address Data, Phone, Skype, Twitter, Image, Profile Page and more


Name, Image, Address, Profile Page, Category, Tags, Custom Fields, Number of Members, Edit Link and more


Name, Image, Page-Link, Tags, Category, Type of Site, Number of Members, Edit Link


Category Name, Vocabulary Name, Asset Title, Asset Type, View Count, Download Link, Edit Link, Preview Image, View-in-context Link

Dynamic Data Lists (DDL)

Free selection of any list you made. Add/edit records. Image and PDF previews and download-links provided. Prefilter support.

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Forms Data

Free access to any form and data.