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ORX draws an entire organization chart, following Liferay parent/suborganization structures.

Current department is auto-detected if embedded on an organization-site, or follows a preset (by configuration, from a list of organizations). This department will be highlighted.

ORX lets you navigate the whole enterprise by opening organization pages by a simple click.

ORX is highly customizable. Set styling options. Set click, doubleclick and mouseover  behaviour and assign an action from list (Quick Info, EasyView Update, Zoom-in, Open Profile Page). 

ORX provides changing chart layout on runtime.


Is that enough? No!

Link ORX with EasyView and you get a dynamic member list without changing pages! Just click any department on chart and EasyView members report will be updated and shows the members, corresponding to the department you clicked. EasyView offers a data catalog, where USERS is only one of those useful information sources you will find. Visit EasyView Product Page.




  • Draws the entire organization structure
  • Follows Liferay's parent/suborganization model
  • Scope auto-detection if placed on an organization site
  • Any organization unit by preset
  • Provides different layouts: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Left-to-Right, Right-to-Left
  • User interactions for a particular organization unit:
    • Opens organization page
    • Displays brief information
    • Updates EasyView members list
    • Zoom-in
  • Localizations
    • English
    • German
    • Ask for more!
  • Chart movable and scalable
  • Help button
  • Change layout button
  • Works on desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Customization by setup form:
    • Node colors
    • Fonts
    • Organization preset
    • Events
      • Click, Doubleclick, Mouseover to be assigned to:
        • Open Page, Show Brief Information (City/Country, Comments, Update EasyView
    • User Interface
      • Enabling/disabling Help and Layout button
    • Layout preset
    • Admin's Doc available (PDF, English)

Product Information

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Liferay Marketplace

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ORX has been published on Liferay Marketplace.  

Price? Cheap, almost nothing! Completely free, if you order EasyView!

Note: EasyView will not be  published on Liferay Marketplace, send me a mail to get an individual offer.

ORX is made for Liferay 7.1 CE & DXP


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