People - Department Directory


Click on the following link to open a department's profile page. EasyView provides context-detection (=page belongs to an organization) and automatically preselects all members associated to the according department.

Open Engineering Department's Profile Page



Internet: Company provides public profile pages for each department. Each department presents its about and behind, maybe also a blog and - a directory to access certain people. The list follows a filter-selection, defined in EasyView. Information provided are of public nature.

Intranet, Extranet: profile pages may be of private nature (sign-in required). Columns may provide more information and there's no filter defined.



  • Embed EasyView on an organization page to display its members (automatic query)
  • Tags, Search, Filter
  • Custom Fields
  • Direct Communication (Mail, Skype, Phone)



  • As Employee, I need access to other departments and their human resources. I find the directory on each department's page.
  • As project manager, I need to have my employees on project's page. EasyView is being used as my address book, providing direct communication.



  • Add EasyView to page (template)
  • Select datasource USER (preset)
  • Add columns to the definition
  • Activate user selection by membership
    • At Features for Datasource 'User' in the main tab
      • Activate User selection by membership
  • ​​​​​​​Save
  • Go!


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