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Project Staff


Click on the link below to open project site:




A project has been set-up as a site with site-members.

There's a public and a private face of that site. Therefore, site-structure (pages) is separated:

  • Access for all to the public pages
  • Access to private pages only for site members

In this example, we run a project, called "Innovation". It consists of members allocated across company's departments and includes external resources (coaches).



  • Embed EasyView on a Site to display Site-Members (automatic query)
  • Tags
  • Custom Field "Is External"
  • Direct Communication (Mail, Skype, Phone)
  • Locations (plan your meetings!)



  • As project manager (or project member), I need a contact list including all members of that specific project. This list needs to provide direct communication, skill oriented information and differs external resources including their location.



  • Add EasyView to page (template)
  • Select datasource USER (preset)
  • Add columns to the definition
  • Activate user selection by membership
    • At Features for Datasource 'User' in the main tab
      • Activate User selection by membership
  • Save
  • Go!



  • Satisfy employees needs without any additional costs and binding IT resources.
  • Customized lists leads to more efficiency.
  • Direct communication.
  • Foster collaboration, get more engagement: everything's gonna be easier!
  • EasyView on user's personal page is being customized by end-user.
  • EasyView on group- or organization-pages will be customized by power users or admins.