EasyView - Stupid Easy Reports for Liferay Portals

Reports YOU do,
with EasyView!

EasyView provides stupid easy creation of interactive screen reports from a data catalog.


  • No developer skills required! Just go ahead and define your  report - or share it with others!

  • Work with results!  Search, filter, multi-sort and data export provided.

  • Data administration: Links to control panel makes data administration easy as never before.

  • Interaction: Skype, mail, open profiles and more directly provided as fields.

  • Replace Liferay standard portlets! My contacts, my sites and more can be replaced with EasyView definitions - fully configurable.



  • Easy report creation by drag&drop - fantastic for admins and power users - used by everybody.

  • Data sources (User, Contact, Organization, Sites, AssetEntry).

  • Choose from dozens of fields.

  • Supports Liferay feature Custom Fields.

  • Provides setup of column properties (e

    • Prefilter data

    • User interface: provide sort, filter, visibility 

    • Translations

  • Localization

    • Custom translations for report title & subtitle, column titles.

    • Optional: Localized texts for column titles (English, German, ask for more).

  • Link reports.

  • Embed multiple instances of EasyView on the same page.

  • Provides link to open profiles and for administration (Control Panel)

and more!


Data Catalog


Names, Title, Profile Page, Address Data, Phone, Skype, Twitter, Tags, Category, Comments, Image, Gender, Birthday, Roles, Custom Fields, Edit Link and more


Names, Address Data, Phone, Skype, Twitter, Image, Profile Page and more


Name, Image, Address, Profile Page, Category, Tags, Custom Fields, Number of Members, Edit Link and more


Name, Image, Page-Link, Tags, Category, Type of Site, Number of Members, Edit Link


Category Name, Vocabulary Name, Asset Title, Asset Type, View Count, Download Link, Edit Link, Preview Image, View-in-context Link

Dynamic Data Lists (DDL)

Free selection of any list you made. Add/edit records. Image and PDF previews and download-links provided. Prefilter support.

Visit use case stock recommendation list

Forms Data

Free access to any form and data.


Dozens of fields available


The Becoming

Product Information

Download Flyer (PDF)




EasyView provides stupid easy creation of interactive screen reports from Liferay data catalogs.  EasyView, the app for your Liferay portal!

Administrators and Power Users create report definitions by simply dragging fields from the data catalog to report columns container. Column properties offer a wide range of customization options: from defining individual column headers up to prefiltering data.

EasyView reports are being used ad-hoc for personal use - but also being shared with others, in the intranet, for example.

This first version of EasyView is already able to handle tons of use cases without coding any line: no developer skills required! Moreover, EasyView is predestined as data dashboard for the daily use.

By the way: EasyView works together with ORX, the organization chart utility.

Low price - high benefits: The proof is in the pudding, contact me!


  • Report creation for everybody!
  • No programming skills required
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Happy Administrators and Power-users
  • Take-over control of data
  • Get ad-hoc data within the blink of an eye
  • Get the most out of Liferay
  • Makes administration much more easier
  • Targets Liferay 7.0 and Liferay 7.1
  • Supports both Liferay editions DXP (Digital Experience Platform) AND CE (Community Edition)
  • Protects mental health - no developer required ;-)

Not enough? Ask for demo!

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