Reports YOU do,
with EasyView!


  • Easy report creation by drag&drop - fantastic for admins and power users - used by everybody.

  • Data sources (User, Contact, Organization, Sites, AssetEntry).

  • Choose from dozens of fields.

  • Supports Liferay feature Custom Fields.

  • Provides setup of column properties (e

    • Prefilter data

    • User interface: provide sort, filter, visibility 

    • Translations

  • Localization

    • Custom translations for report title & subtitle, column titles.

    • Optional: Localized texts for column titles (English, German, ask for more).

  • Link reports.

  • Embed multiple instances of EasyView on the same page.

  • Provides link to open profiles and for administration (Control Panel)

and more!


Use Cases

Looking for Use Cases?

Here you get 20 examples for the practical use of EasyView!


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User Report

A nice demo!

Datasource: User

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The Becoming