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EasyView: Reports


Easy creation of interactive screen reports from Liferay data catalogs. 

Organization Charts


ORX, the cool Organization Chart for profile page navigation. Standalone, or linked with EasyView.


I'm providing software development for Liferay Portals and other web-platforms. 

Contact me if you're interested to engage me for your project.

Liferay is a popular enterprise portal, designed for collaboration, containing CMS, DMS, BPM and much more. It runs in most environments.

Liferay contains everything you need to operate your intranet, extranet and internet. Read more on the company page.

New: DDL and FORMS

EasyView provides support for Dynamic Data Lists (DDL) now!

Thereby, EasyView enters a new level of opportunities in practical use.

Visit Use Case Stock Recommendations based on a Dynamic Data List.

-> Web Forms also supported.


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