Sites - Sites Directory


This report is available on the intranet.



  • Directory of communities.



  • As employee, I need an overview of company's projects.




  • Select widget configuration
  • Choose SITE as datasource
  • Select columns from the list and add them to the definition
  • Set report title and subtitle
  • Save
  • Go!


Platform 71 true

Datasource: Site

ns _easyview_INSTANCE_8jOJ0k4F6d6F_

EasyView - How to use

  • Search
    • Type-in search expression, EasyView searches while your typing and reduces data according to current expression.
  • Sort
    • Click on up/down arrow on column headers.
    • Multi-Sort: Shift-Click on further column headers.
  • Filter
    • [Last Row] Select an item from list, where provided.
  • Move columns (non-persistent)
    • Drag Column Header to desired position.
  • Interaction
    • Click Image to open profile page (user, organization or site)
    • Click Mail, Skype or Phone entry to establish action.
  • Export/Copy to clipboard
    • Click corresponding buttons in report header