External Resources (Freelancer and Employees of Partner Companies) may be bundled in a virtual organization called "External Resources". This makes the query easy. Another way to get such data, is using the PREFILTER property in column definition. 

EasyView is provided on certain user's personal pages (Dashboard), may be as a part of usergroup templates.



  • Organization Preset allows to filter users by their organization membership.
  • Custom Fields can be added to numberless assets, such as USER. This example illustrates the capability to query any custom field (e.g. "Is Available").
  • Filtering Data is another feature, illustrated by this example. Refer to column "Country":  possible filter values are provided in a dropdown list at the end of the table. Select from list and the report will be filtered. Filter is just another property of a column definition, activate by opt-in. A couple of fields supports that property.


  • As HR employee, we're also working with external customers. I'm able to create an external people directory without involving the IT.

Als HR Mitarbeiter arbeiten wir auch mit externen Kunden, ich kann frei ein Telefonbuch über unsere Externen Partner erstellen, ohne die IT beauftragen zu müssen.



  • Add EasyView to page
  • Select datasource USER (preset, default)
  • Add columns to definition
  • Add a custom field to definition
    • Click button Add Custom Field in the main tab
    • (a field with prefix "CUSTOM_", followed by current numbering has been added to the definition)
    • Edit field properties (edit button at field name)
    • Enter name of custom field in input box Custom Field
    • Click save button (disc icon) at the field name to end edit properties mode.

  • Preset Organization (External Resources)
    • At Features for Datasource User (in the main tab)
      • Opt-in checkbox Activate
      • Select an organization from list
  • Add a (user interface) filter to a column
    • Edit property (edit button at field name)
    • Opt-in checkbox PROVIDE_FILTER
  • Move columns by drag & drop
  • Save
  • Go!



  • Satisfy employees needs without any additional costs and binding IT resources.
  • Customized lists leads to more efficiency.
  • Direct communication.
  • Foster collaboration, get more engagement: everything's gonna be easier!
  • EasyView on user's personal page is being customized by end-user.
  • EasyView on group- or organization-pages will be customized by power users or admins.

EasyView - How to use

  • Search
    • Type-in search expression, EasyView searches while your typing and reduces data according to current expression.
  • Sort
    • Click on up/down arrow on column headers.
    • Multi-Sort: Shift-Click on further column headers.
  • Filter
    • [Last Row] Select an item from list, where provided.
  • Move columns (non-persistent)
    • Drag Column Header to desired position.
  • Interaction
    • Click Image to open profile page (user, organization or site)
    • Click Mail, Skype or Phone entry to establish action.
  • Export/Copy to clipboard
    • Click corresponding buttons in report header

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🌎External Resources

Freelancers and Partners

Datasource: User

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