Click on a department in the organization chart (ORX) and you'll get the corresponding employees in EasyView!

This is a company overview on the intranet. Also suitable for extra- or internet: in that case, restriction by roles (filter) may be used.

If employee directory is being embedded on an organization- or community-page, people selection is being done automatically - and current department will be highlighted on ORX.



  • As a leader of an international company or organization, I need to have a free-to-configure people directory available. There are many use cases - no chance to cover them with a static directory.
  • Extra-/Internet: As a partner or customer, I would like to obtain a company's overview to find a suitable contact.



  • EasyView
    • Automatic feedback in people directory corresponding to click on a department
  • ORX
    • Graphical navigation
    • highlights current department if embedded on a department page (organizational unit)
    • more features available (e.g. opening department profile pages)



  • Add ORX and EasyView to a page
  • EasyView (Configuration Menu):
    • Add columns you want.
    • Opt-in checkbox "Members selection by ORX" in the datasource features tab.
    • Save
  • ORX (Configuration Menu):
    • On tab Logic
      • Select EasyView from listbox at the Click event. Of course, you could assign the EasyView action to the other events!
    • Play around with the other customization options!
    • Save


EasyView: How to use

  • Search
    • Type-in search expression, EasyView searches while your typing and reduces data according to current expression.
  • Sort
    • Click on up/down arrow on column headers.
    • Multi-Sort: Shift-Click on further column headers.
  • Filter
    • [Last Row] Select an item from list, where provided.
  • Move columns (non-persistent)
    • Drag Column Header to desired position.
  • Interaction
    • Click Image to open profile page (user, organization or site)
    • Click Mail, Skype or Phone entry to establish action.
  • Export/Copy to clipboard
    • Click corresponding buttons in report header

ORX - How to use

  • Department interaction
    • Click: Updates EasyView report - shows members of department that has been clicked.
    • Doubleclick: Opens profile page
    • Mouseover: Show number of members.
  • Graph interaction
    • Mousewheel: Zoom

Note: Events Click, Doubleclick and Mouseover are free to configure from list, provided actions are Open Profile Page, Focus, Update EasyView and Show Quicktip (with a few information types provided).





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🏬 Department Members

Datasource: User

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