ORX - Demo

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Demo, ORX linked with EasyView

Click on any department in chart to refresh the list on the right!

This page has both, EasyView and ORX embedded.

While ORX displays entire organization structure, EasyView lists members of the current organization unit.

EasyView is fully customizable and does not only offer USER data to report. Check product description here.

Action follows configuration

There are other actions - beside updating EasyView - that could be assigned to the click, doubleklick or mouseover event:

  • Open Profile Page
  • Show Quickinfo
  • Zoom-in


First, click on chart to activate the graph object. Then feel free to zoom (mousewheel) or drag the graph the way you want. Click Help Button to display all ways to explore the organization. Change layout orientation by button.

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Demo Report

Datasource: User

ns _easyview_INSTANCE_ZWP0hwgPCWQe_