Use Case - Admin - User Data Completeness


  • This report will be placed on admin's dashboard page(s).



  • Displays data to be checked for completeness
  • Edit user
  • Filter



  • As administrator, I have to check for completeness of mandatory data. Profile picture uploaded? Address available? EasyView provides a direct link to the user edit form, the report is highly useful.
  • As responsible for testing the new user interface, I have to check for data completeness and mal forming.



  • Add EasyView to page and go to widget configuration.
  • Add fields to definition (datasource USER is default).
  • Add Edit to definition to provide an edit link (control panel).
  • Activate field property PROVIDE_FILTER to add the filter feature to the appropriate columns.
  • Save definition - go!

EasyView - How to use

  • Search
    • Type-in search expression, EasyView searches while your typing and reduces data according to current expression.
  • Sort
    • Click on up/down arrow on column headers.
    • Multi-Sort: Shift-Click on further column headers.
  • Filter
    • [Last Row] Select an item from list, where provided.
  • Move columns (non-persistent)
    • Drag Column Header to desired position.
  • Interaction
    • Click Image to open profile page (user, organization or site)
    • Click Mail, Skype or Phone entry to establish action.
  • Export/Copy to clipboard
    • Click corresponding buttons in report header


  • Satisfy employees needs without any additional costs and binding IT resources.
  • Customized lists leads to more efficiency.
  • Direct communication.
  • Foster collaboration, get more engagement: everything's gonna be easier!
  • EasyView on user's personal page is being customized by end-user.
  • EasyView on group- or organization-pages will be customized by power users or admins.
(c) by - Andreas Horlacher - Switzerland de-de en-us


Platform 71 true


Datasource: User

ns _easyview_INSTANCE_r8AgGHEQorhD_